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Frank Marrenbach
Frank Marrenbach
Brenner's Park-Hotel & Spa

A luxury hotel like the Brenner's Park Hotel & Spa always has to offer its guests something a little more special. So, one of the most important things for us is to offer service that is as personal as possible, in an excellent environment. The Expedition Gourmet project means that we are taking this philosophy and leaving our property in Oos, so that we can go on the Californian culinary trail. We can hardly wait! We have brought all of our contacts into play to provide you with a home away from home. We have already had lots of fun in the design phase, so we are already looking forward to being there for our guests.

Martin Scharff
Martin Scharff
Wartenberger Mühle, Palatinate
Jeunes Restaurateurs

As a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs - a group of Germany's best young chefs - I am always open to new ideas and on the look out to try something different. The international exchange with colleagues helps me to supplement my own skills with the most innovative ideas from colleagues from all over the world. By traveling to the USA, South Africa and Hong Kong, I have already gathered a broad range of experiences as a culinary globe trotter. This is why I or one of my colleagues will be delighted to accompany "Expedition Gourmet". We would relish the opportunity to show like-minded people the best culinary developments from all over the world and to get new inspiration ourselves.

Stefan Klemm und Thomas Fuchs
Thomas Fuchs and Stefan Klemm

We are delighted that you are interested in our "Expedition Gourmet". It would be a real pleasure to welcome you, together with other like-minded gourmets and our partners - two top chefs from Jeunes Restaurateurs and Frank Marrenbach from Brenner's - to our destination, where some of you may never have been. When we are not at our day job in consulting, we will be enjoying your company, good food and fine wine, in some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer. Look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

Thomas Fuchs und Stefan Klemm

  Jeunes Restaurateurs –Deutschlands junge Spitzenköche
  Jeunes Restaurateurs - Germany's top young chefs

In 1991, 25 young Germany top chefs were so taken with the European idea of "Jeunes Restaurateurs d´Europe", which was founded in France in 1974, that they started "Jeunes Restaurateurs Germany". Since then, two female and 47 male chefs have proudly worn the "Jeunes Restaurateurs d´Europe Germany" on their chefs' whites.

The young star chefs have talent and passion written all over them. International contacts with colleagues are important to them, not least because they can exchange ideas and get inspiration, which all benefits guests. One of the main aims is to constantly indulge demanding guests with new creations, as well as classic dishes.

"Expedition Gourmet" gives the Jeunes Restaurateurs the opportunity to exchange insider knowledge with people with the same interests and to show them the most up to date culinary influences across the globe. For every participant on every "Expedition Gourmet" trip, a behind-the-scenes look at the master chefs is a unique and unrepeatable highlight.